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A group of young people are trying to make both a political and fashion statement. They are allowing young people to tap into OBAMA MANIA with their funky tees, selling at $40, with 25% of each sale going to the Obama campaign.

This group refer to their company and brand as the “Expressive Frontier Lifestyle.” Their mission in producing the tee shirts is best summed up on their website:

“Fashion is cool, but fashion with a purpose is more meaningful. By wearing an Obamamania shirt, you are voicing your support to change our country. This is EF’s Obamamania campaign.”

You can purchase the tees directly from their site, which is a popular DC blog. One of the creators summed up the site’s concept as follows:

Expressive Frontier Lifestyle was our first project. It’s a lifestyle blog. We launched this bad-boy back in December of 2007 as just a fun hobby. The blog pretty much detailed all the cool things we liked. From fresh kicks, to dope t’s, to cool tech modules, we were posting on what we loved. I decided to throw a Google Analytics tracker on the blog and we started realizing some traffic. People liked what we liked, so we ran with it! Check out the latest on business, fashion, entertainment, technology, and politics. [Expressive Frontier Lifestyle...What lifestyle are you living?]
-Brandon F. Jones

Check out their BLOG:

You can also simply access their blog from the LIFE LINKS list on the side bar of this blog.

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