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The new iPhone came out yesterday and I still have my sidekick. People hate on the sidekick but I still like mine I don’t care! Anyway, the new iPhone commercial has been critiqued as being too oblivious, and beating around the bush which is unnecessary for such a highly anticipated phone.

Check it Out:

And apparently, women are buying more and more of these “smart phones.” The New York Times did a story recently on the growing popularity of smart phones among women.

Here is a little section that rang a lot of bells with how I am with my phones:

That, and the fact that the device suited her technological lifestyle. Ms. Lanahan owns an Apple MacBook Pro laptop and five iPods. She uses the iPhone’s notepad function to track restaurant recommendations from friends. She takes pictures at concerts, some of which show up on her Web site. And once, when her name did not appear on the guest list at a club she was invited to, she used her iPhone to show the bouncer an e-mail which proved she had been invited.

Plenty of other women are finding that smartphones are much more than a tether to the office. According to Nielsen, two-thirds of women with smartphones say they use them primarily for pleasure rather than business. The contrast with men is stark: just 42 percent of male smartphone owners say the same.

But what is a woman to do if she wants all the features of an iPhone but her corporate e-mail works only with the BlackBerry? In the case of Andrea Newman, a senior vice president for government affairs for Northwest Airlines, she decided to get both.

“I have the BlackBerry for work and I bought the iPhone for fun,” she said. “Using e-mail on the iPhone is more difficult, which is why I use the BlackBerry.”

Still, she liked her BlackBerry so much that she bought one for her 21-year-old daughter so they could communicate when she went to Europe. And for her 12-year-old son she bought an iPod Touch (which can access the Internet over Wi-Fi but lacks phone capabilities) so they could e-mail too.

Ms. Newman was asked which phone she would keep if she was stuck on a desert island.

“Ewww,” she said. “I never thought about it. Really? If I could only have one?” Minutes passed as Ms. Newman weighed the pros and cons of each. Finally, she said, “I guess if I wasn’t using the BlackBerry for work, I’d have an iPhone.”

Full Story: HERE

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