What do Obama and Lil Mo have in common?


Answer: Al Sharpton…

On Saturday I went to the Ninth Annual National Action Network Convention at the Sheraton. I got to hear Presidential candidate Obama speak for the first time, and saw him in person. He is amazing, and I learned a lot about him from his speech. And also that he doesn’t blame hip hop for the whole Imus thing which is cool. He is for universal health care, against the war from the beginning, and could really make a difference in this country.

Then I sat in on a forum entitled the “State of Black Politics” featuring several prominent black politicians and also congressman Jerrold Nader, who isn’t black. Yet, he did mention an interesting bill he said is trying to make it through congress concerning slavery. He said:

“It’s not enough to say we abolished it and that’s it. When you have slavery in the country it leaves a long term effect. The question of reparations has to be looked at.”

Youth Panel: Town Hall Meeting– Is hip hop to blame? was the next forum that I went to.
Speakers included Ed Lover from Power 105.1, Lil Mo, Salt from Salt N’ Peppa amongst others.
The discussion was about whether or not hip hop is to blame for how the youth behaves and their vocabulary, including the N word etc, and if it is the source of Imus’ words. A large group of young people were present from Lyfe Camp. A lot of the speakers were frustrated with the phase hip hop is currently in but are all a part of hip hop and feel like the best of it has passed but maybe there can be a change. They also ackowledged that a lot of times it’s not the fault of the artists, it’s the labels. And Ed Lover even said, it’s not about the music anymore, it’s about the hustle. This whole discussion prompted me to go into the issue further and write a story….so expect that to come soon.

(PS- if you click the link of the name of the forum you can hear the entire discussions and hear what was said if you click in the Obama section on the words “his speech” you can hear his whole speech as well, it will download on your computer)

Me and Salt from Salt N’ Peppa

Me and congresswoman Yvette Clark, who also went to my high school.

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