Vlad in the NY Daily News

My homie Vlad aka Hatian V was featured in the Daily News.  He’s a comedian, actor, photographer, man he does everything!  He is an Entertainer.  Check out the story behind the YouTube Haitian V videos and check out his blog http://entertainmentsfuture.blogspot.com/ 

Haitian V creator touches nerve with video skits

Thousands have viewed Brooklyn resident Vladimir Calixte’s social commentary comedy skits on YouTube.

Vladimir Barthelemow Thelonious Rasputin Slocumb Calixte 3rd is Haitian V.
No joke.
If the latter name doesn’t register, you’re not among the thousands of YouTube users who eagerly await the latest video missive from Haitian V, the patois-speaking, 45-year-old Haitian hustler that Brooklyn resident and hilarious urban Everyman Calixte created.
- There’s Haitian V trapping a sexual predator, ambushing the man with a camera “Cops”-style after the man shows up at an apartment carrying two bottles of liquor for a date with a 14-year-old girl he met online.
“It’s not in my budget to chase him,” V says as the man flees the apartment.
- There he is, wearing his trademark fedora and sitting in front of a Haitian flag, riffing in mostly two-minute-long videos about everything from Eliot Spitzer, Britney Spears, rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West to the questionable fashion sense of men who wear their pants too low (“In Haiti, they would beat you with a stick!”).

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