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If you have been a long reader of this site you know that my ultimate role model is the Queen of Media — Oprah.  I have watched her show for years but only recently began to get pulled into her other outlets online and in print.  If you follow media and statistics you know most of her audience is composed of stay at home moms, and upper middle class white women.  However, so many of her messages can be beneficial to the younger generation, and though we are aware of her presence, and may occasionally tune in, we may be missing the full impact of what she offers.  I recently signed up for her email list and so I will filter out some of the highlights and share the messages with you all.

This week I want to highlight the series focusing on Women’s Happiness.  There was an article posted last week (read it here) stating that as women get older and become more successful they become less happy and overall women are less satisfied with themselves and their lives than men.  The reason why has been difficult to pin point, but the author of the article decided to do a case study of success women who are indeed happy and see what they all have in common.  Here’s a snippet:

“The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our disposition and not on our circumstances.”

Certain moments in your life create in you strongly positive emotions—let’s call these “strong-moments.” Not all moments are strong-moments—some moments spark negative emotions, while some don’t spark any emotions at all. But when you do experience a strong-moment, it is authentic. It is true, in the sense that the emotions you feel are true. You may not know exactly what you should do with your emotions, or what label you should give each emotion, but you know how a specific moment made you feel. You know this more certainly than you know virtually anything else in your life. 

Read the entire piece here:

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