VIDEO: Big Sean Talks School, Success & New Album


Check out the video of our interview where Sean speaks on a bit of everything from school, to relationships, and more, including the best advice he’s received about being a new artist.  Be sure to “read more” for a couple of clips from his performance.

After earning a 3.7 GPA at an elite high school in Michigan, Sean Michael Leonard Anderson, better known as Big Sean, turned down an almost full scholarship to attend Michigan state pursue a career in the music industry. He literally pressed pause on the education route and pushed play on the music and fast forward 4 years later he is signed to GOOD music/Def Jam and set to have his debut album Finally Famous released June 21st.
Looking back the MC realizes he probably could have gone to school but admits it would have been hard. But his friend Mike Posner, who graduated last year from Duke University, proved attending college and signing a record deal is indeed possible.
Sitting down to talk with Sean about life, love and music made me more interested to hear his album. He emits both humility and confidence when speaking about his debut. Sean doesn’t seem nervous or anxious about the release, and he shouldn’t be since the project has input from people like NO ID, the Dream and Pharrell.
The plan now, he says, is to continue to “flood the Internet” with projects and viral videos including the much talked about collaboration between him and Mike Posner. The two haven’t decided if it will be a mixtape or an EP but what he does know is that it will be “some nice Detroit shit, soulful fun, and have a little something for the ladies.”
Viral projects are pretty much essential in this day and age, and it puts a different type of pressure on new artists who aren’t just competing with other rappers, but they’re competing with themselves. Their mixtapes and viral videos are getting them more than just a small buzz but landing them magazine covers, sponsorships, and as Drake proved–Grammy nominations.
“The best advice I’ve gotten so far is you can’t try and do anything that someone else is trying to do,” Sean said when asked about what advice he’s gotten about the pressures of being a new artist.
“One thing I used to be a victim of when I was in the studio with Kanye, Jay-Z, and all these people and they would do a verse to a song I would try and do a verse like they would. And that just wasn’t me, it didn’t sound right, I realized you have to just stay in your own lane, you just have to do what you do, and go all the way with it man, don’t look back. People love you for you they love you for your music so you cant even second guess that shit man you just gotta go.”
Check out the video of our interview above, where he speaks on all this and more, including of course his love for his family and his grandma who you hear him speak of so often.

*Performance footage to be posted this afternoon, stay tuned!*

PS- Wiz Khalifa announced ‘Rolling Papers Tour’ and he’s taking Big Sean with him. For deets click HERE.


  • Anonymous

    I'm jealous!
    shout out to you for a damn good article by the way
    -Derryck aka D Money

    April 13, 2011
  • Anonymous

    he followed his dream. dope that its worked out. SALUTE! -fiNaLly FaMOUS!

    April 13, 2011
  • LOVEvanka

    D-Townnnn! West Sideeee! lol good interview girl!

    April 13, 2011

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