Well, another week off from school passed. So, of course I filled my time wisely. I got everything done I was supposed to (well most of it). I do not know why I am still getting projects from school but I will get that done….eventually.

Friday I had a photo shoot. Of course I had fun and the photos came out great. I had three outfits. Here is a pic from each outfit.

Saturday I was at Lil Momma’s video shoot where I got my interview for the school paper. And then I came home and finally cleaned my room. It was a good way to start fresh for the week. Sunday all my friends from school came over and we went skating for my church skate night. I haven’t gone skating in the longest.

On Monday I did some intern work, but I can’t seem to rememeber what I did before that. Tuesday I sent out a bunch of emails and follow up phone calls for some plans I am putting together to further myself in my career. I won’t say exactly what it is yet because I don’t want to jinx anything but I should have news by the end of next week.
Wednesday I went to pick up the photos from my photoshoot on friday and had to narrow it down to the best ones. It had to be about 150 photos so of course that was hard. But at least I got to take most of the photos with me home to keep on my computer :)
Thursday was a packed day. My hair was a mess and I desperately needed it done. So, I woke up early and made it to the hair salon as soon as they opened at ten and made it out of there by 12. Then I went to Rockefeller center for a lunch with someone from Reuters which was nice and I may be doing some stuff with them in the summer. Reuters is a news wire service like the Associated Press, but they focus more on business and finance. Immediately after that I had my weekly POSSE meeting where we created a mural.

Friday I did some more intern work, went out to a panel and met a lot of great people. Saturday was another packed day but nothing particularly spectacular occurred. I spent the day with my cousin and we went to the FRICK museum on 70 street. That was the most boring museum ever. Then wen went by the Belin Models open casting. To end the day we went to The Chocolate Man (Max Brenner) where our service was terrible but the food was good.

TODAY….I was at Hot 97 doing more intern work. It was so fun. I got to help pick topics to talk about and answer the phone to talk to callers. Next time I go I will take some photos.

I just finished watching the OSCARS and congratulations to JENNIFER HUDSON!

Tomorrow is the first day back at school, and it’s snowing outside, AGAIN. Well besides being almost completely unprepared for school tomorrow is a day where a lot of loose ends will be tied up from all the planning I did this week.
And, am I the only one who is HYPE that America’s Next Top Model will be coming back on this week! I CANT WAIT!

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