UPDATE: What happened to real girls? Omarion and Bow Wow’s new single ‘Girlfriend’


Bow Wow and Omarion are teaming up to do a Best of Both Worlds type album. The first single is Girlfriend which was a 5 day shoot. Below is a video of Bow Wow discussing the video with Hot 97 radio personality Raqiyah Mays in August.

Here is the end result: Bow Wow and Omarion’s new video:

UPDATE: I finally actually watched the video after posting it. I have some issues with their views on a girlfriend. When describing the girl he talks about her having a body like a stripper and dancing for him and he gives her tips. WOW. So a girl, in order to be attractive has to be compared to a stripper now!? That’s ridiculous and demeaning. I know it’s just a song, but the fact that they have all these 12 year old girls lusting after them I think they could have given a better description. What happened to the REAL girls, the girl next door type of girlfriends? Do dudes not like those type anymore? Kanye actually mentions this in a verse asking about what happened to real girls? It’s from the song with Talib Kweli (In The Mood). The verse is:

I’m with my girl and I’m tryin to hit the movies yo,
And they tryna act stupid, oh!
In the club with Silicone Suzie,
What happened to real girls like Rudy?
With real titties like Tooty,
This girl got a silicone booty!
And got the nerve to act moody!

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