Top Models Are Not Just 5 Foot Seven!


(Me in Seventeen Mag’s prom issue back in the day.)
Tyra announced yesterday that she is opening the top model experience to shorter models! Finally!!!!!! This is definitely something to get me watching again. I am even debating about auditioning myself. I haven’t done modeling recently but maybe I might take a stab at this. We shall see.  
She said on her show: 

“I stand for breaking down beauty barriers and “Top Model” has shown that women of every shape, size and color are model material, but we’ve never done a “Top Model” cycle for petite girls!…Cycle 13 of “Top Model” is going to be for girls who are 5’7” and shorter.”

Here is some more info and the casting information for Cycle 13:

Visit for more information and to download your application.
Saturday, February 28th
San Francisco
Tuesday, March 3rd
South Bend, IN
Tuesday, March 3rd
Pittsburgh, PA
Friday, March 6th
Washington D.C.
Saturday, March 7th
Davenport, IA
Saturday, March 7th
Providence, RI
Saturday, March 7th
Norfolk, VA
Saturday, March 7th
Jacksonville, FL
Saturday, March 7th
St. Louis, MO
Saturday, March 7th
Albany, NY
Sunday, March 8th
Lexington, KY
Sunday, March 8th
Oklahoma City, OK
Sunday, March 8th
Denver, CO
Tuesday, March 10
Albuquerque, NM
Tuesday, March 10
Shreveport, LA
Tuesday, March 10
Honolulu, HI
Wednesday, March 11
Harrisburg, PA
Thursday, March 12
New York
Saturday, March 14th
Saturday, March 21st
Wednesday, March 25
Los Angeles
Saturday, March 28th
I missed the premiere of Top Model yesterday.  But you can take a look at the girls that made the cut, here is the last part of the 2 hour episode:

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