Too Little Too Late…


EVERY SINGLE TIME something happens, authorities and officials miraculously discover all the signals and signs that could have prevented the disaster. Virgina Tech, 9/11 and the latest bridge collapse in Minneapolis. Apparently there are several reports of damages that needed repair and the bridge was “structurally deficient.” And now of course they are finding all these other bridges that are “defecient.” Why do people always wait until something happens, or better yet, until people die, before they realise there is a problem. People wake up, be aware of your surroundings, and if you see something that is wrong, SPEAK UP, REPORT IT, and FOLLOW THROUGH. DONT WAIT….

Excerpts from an article:
More than 70,000 bridges across the country are rated structurally deficient like the I-35W bridge, and engineers estimate repairing them all would take at least a generation and cost more than $188 billion.

Authorities cautioned not to read too much into the “structurally deficient” tag. The designation means some portions of the bridge needed to be scheduled for repair or replacement. It wasn’t a candidate for replacement until 2020.The collapsed bridge is one of 1,160 bridges in that category, which amounts to 8 percent of bridges in the state. Nationally, about 12 percent of bridges are labeled “structurally deficient.”

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