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Eden is a rising star in the performing arts and made her professional debut last year playing the part of Raynell alongside Denzel Washington in the Broadway production of Fences, but she didn’t stop there. She’s now playing Young Nala in The Lion King on Broadway and has aspirations to continue growing her career as an actress. As an honor roll student, professional actress and daughter she is learning to juggle the multiple roles in her life and decided to shed light on how she deals with time management.  It’s the top of the year, and for most people making every moment count is on the top of the priority list.  Check out how this young actress manages her time.

You heard already by now. It’s official. I am in the Lion King on Broadway as Young Nala. I mean I am really in it: performing four times a week at the Minskoff for close to 2,000 people a night. And needless to say, I am loving it!

It truly is a dream come true.

My process has been nutso to put it mildly. After my amaaaaaazzzzing run as Raynell in the Tony award winning (love the way that rolls off my fingertips) cast of Fences, it seems before I could get the perfect mani-pedi, I had a new job. This one bigger… more acting… more singing… more dancing… basically more me. So one wonders if I have changed.

Well a little.

Now I am in the sixth grade and school doesn’t come as easy as it did in the past. Mostly because my work load is insane. But I am doing pretty well and getting mostly A’s. But I am also spending a lot of time running from one place to the other. So I’m realizing how important it is to be organized and focus. Today I want to give you all some tips about being neat, organized and focused or how to encourage others to be neat, organized and focused.

Building neat work habits takes time- You have to talk a lot about neatness to people. My mom always says “What you say is what you do!” It helps the other kids who might not care too much about neatness think its cool. You also have to feel comfortable talking about how it feels when you look at a piece of work and know that you have put forward your best effort in completing it.

There are a lot of ways you can be organized too. You don’t have to be super-duper tidy. Everyone is neat and organized in their own way. The goal is to develop basic skills that help you take care of stuff and stay on top of your work.

Assign one Place for Everything to Go – Whether at home or at school, its hard to be organized if there is not a place for everything. Find a place for everything in your room or in your school binder. Clearly identify where everything should go and put it there!

Make Sure You Can Get Your Stuff– It is easier to stay organized if you can reach things yourself and not in some insane place that requires you to get someone to get your stuff. Sounds silly but I know that people do it. I mean I do it sometimes and it never works for me. Like I was reading about a girl that had this coat hook in her room. Very smart eh? But she couldn’t reach it… So even though she had a place for scarves and gloves, a special hook for her bath towel it wasn’t at her level and so eventually she just started throwing stuff on the floor and saying… “I’ll go back and pick it up” (… ok ok ok that girl is me).

Maintain it – Keep it up. Don’t get distracted. May sure to stick to a routine. You might struggle with it but there is nothing wrong with struggling with something that will make your life better.
Anyone can learn organization skills and it is not a guarantee of being neat and tidy for life.

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