Through The Eyes of a Princess: The Princess and the Frog Review

This review was written by 10 year old Eden Smith.  She attended an exclusive sneak peak of the film and these are her thoughts.  

This is brand new and created for girls like me.

I‘m a princess. Everyone that knows me, knows that. I mean not just in mind, but in tiara… I’ve won a few pageants and so I never needed Disney to tell me that. But I am glad they did. Or kinda…
         I went to the exclusive screening of The Princess and The Frog Disney Extravaganza in New York City at the historic Zeigfield Theatre and the Roseland Ballroom during the Thanksgiving Holiday. The sneak peak of the movie afforded me the royal treatment that all princesses of privilege get.
        The movie was amazing. I had to get really dressed up for this. It was history you know. Disney has never had a real Black princess… well there was the Brandy version of Cinderella but that was still Cinderella. This is brand new and created for girls like me.
        I am not about to tell you all the things that people are talking about. I am just going tell about the things I think are cool about the movie.
        I liked that from the moment I stepped on the carpet the little kids were like, “Look there she is the princess!” And I was happy to say “Yes, lovely I am the princess!”
        I liked the movie because…
…it was humorous, romantic and had a little sadness… that’s all the stuff that makes fairytales great.
        I think my favorite line was when Tianna says, “I am not kissing a frog, turning into a frog and eating a bug all in one day. Eeeek!” That sounds like something I would so say!
        I liked so many parts but I don’t want to give it away for you! I want you to know that its worth seeing. It is very positive and I felt honored to be an African American by the choices Tianna made. Like Mulan was about tradition and honor for your family. This movie was also about honoring our family by hard work and still finding time to love. That’s why Rhonesha is a princess. She works hard and Nobody Ever Stops Her Agenda! No one will stop mine either. Just check out my hustle: I managed to impress the Disney VP of Special Events (Bob Gault), all the princesses and even one of the animators (Sarah Airriess).
          This is my first step on the Disney scene! Just wait… but until then… Peace and remember Dreams Do Come True. From one dreamchaser to the next.   -Eden

Disney’s The Princess and the Frog opens in theaters nationwide today!  December 11th 2009.  


  • Anonymous

    Keep Shining Eden! Rhonesha… you got trouble….

    December 11, 2009
  • Donna

    This is great, we are looking forward to seeing it, thanks for your comments.

    December 11, 2009
  • Doreshia

    Way to Go Eden..great review…I am going to see the movie next week when my nieces are in town

    December 12, 2009

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