The Man Behind the B: Bengi Jeans


“Its not just jeans, I am selling inspiration.”

The odds were truly stacked against 20-year-old Nandy Forbes. Never going to design school or having any formal training, Nandy has a talent that comes as natural as breathing. This boy wonder from Brooklyn had a dream for a line of clothing that reflected something high quality and reflected the style of the young go-getters of today. His dream radiates and lives today in the denim line Bengi Jeans.

“I am here trying to show everyone this is what inspired me to go against the odds and just go out there and just work on what I love and say I can do this. So you’re just buying into a piece of what inspired me to be.”

He is now the owner and designer of Bengi jeans. A line of innovative and unique denim tailored to fit each customer. Quality denim and creative designs from its heart-like B logo to the wash of the denim, Bengi jeans will definitely turn heads and make people wonder ‘what jeans are those?’

Forbes may have been known as the “cornball” in junior high school but it only served as an inspiration for his success. While all the cool kids would have big discussions about their latest kicks and brag about how long they had to wait in line to get them, Nandy would sit at his table and draw. No one would talk to him about the latest fashions because all he had was an old pair of Converse sneakers.

“I would find myself drawing the stuff people were wearing. I was just always looking for stuff to draw and that’s what was hot that was what everybody was talking about. Whatever was hot at the moment that’s what I would draw,” said Forbes reflecting back on the experience.
Forbes is not your average clothing designer and indeed it is reflected in his denim line. In fashion some people have a gift and Forbes is truly a prodigy establishing his own line with no formal training or attendance in any fashion school.




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