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I stopped by the Knitting Factory last week to see my friend P. DizZzY perform. The line up also included Kris Kasanova (with his producer Clyde), Fresh Daily, Denim, and Outtasight. I didn’t stay for the whole show but the part I did see I enjoyed. I finally got to see Dizzzy perform because as much as I am familiar with his music I have never seen him do his thing on stage. And I got introduced to some new acts including Kris Kasanova and Denim. Kasanova definitely commanded my attention with his charismatic approach and the whole set up of his performance. He even did a little acting and sat down to get real with us about his struggles. And I definitely loved Denim’s singing style. I was familiar with one of her songs from Vlad’s mixtape- New Elevator Music but outside of that I was not familiar with her. I definitely became a fan after that show. Click “full post” to view more photos and video footage from the night.


Footage of Denim:

Check em out on myspace:

P. DiZzZy (MYSPACE click HERE) also PREVIOUS interview with this blog (click HERE)
Kris Kasanova (MYSPACE click HERE)
Denim (MYSPACE click HERE)

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