The Day After Tomorrow?


So, in the past week the weather has been C-R-A-Z-Y!  It is unbelievable and reminds me of that movie “The Day After Tomorrow.”  

Let me break it down a little for you.  
First…it got extremely cold.  The type of cold where it shouldn’t snow (since we all know when it snows despite what you would expect it is always warmer out).  But, indeed, it snowed.  And we had about 2 feet of it.

Then a couple days later, it felt like Spring outside.

Then, it rained.  But not normal rain…it was a lot, that came hard and fast.  I literally had to walk through puddles to get to class…my poor boots :-(  

And then literally the SAME day it became sunny and warm again. 

 It didn’t last though, it was only for a few hours and then this happened:

This was all over the course of seven days.  Ridiculous!

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