The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival was GREAT


I had a ton of fun. Learned about some people in hip hop, hung out with friends some old some new, and met a bunch of great people. The line-up included Ghostface, Consequence, Large Professor, Sean Price, Dres, Skillz, Emily King, El Michaels Affair, Tanya Morgan, J Period and a few special guests (see pics below).It was hosted by Uncle Rapllh McDaniels. Now, if you never heard of some of these artists, don’t worry, most are up and coming or before your time. Can you believe I did not know who Dres was but I knew his song…if you know “engine engine number nine on the NY transit line if my train goes off the track pick it up pick it up pick it up….” You know Dres. So, I got a little update on my hip hop history at the festival.

There were booths promoting different things etc. I had my press pass and used it up to the greatest potential of course. I didn’t line up any interviews but really took in the entire event, and when my favorite of the day came up CONSEQUENCE, I was right up under the stage in the PRESS PIT. I had a blast and took a TON of photos. I tried to pick the best ones to put.

This was the 3rd Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival at Empire Fulton State Park, right between the two bridges. It was like a scene straight out of a hip hop movie, or video. A perfect sunny day, hundreds of hip hop heads just enhoying great music and enjoying each other. Everything went smoothlt, excpet that I was a little upset Consequence’s performance had to get cut short because certain people who shall remain nameless went OVER their time and things were going a little behind schedule. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)If you want to be down next year the festival is FREE, just visit to register and then pick up your ticks! It’s that simple. See ya next year!!!

Some Cool People That were there:
Me and Timm, coolest guy, this man has done EVERYTHING….
Me and A.G. White comedian you might know him from the Bad Boys of Comedy Season 1 Me and the girls Ashley and Assata with our press passes.

Video of Consequence when they cut off his music…

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    assataSAYS says:
    8:16 PM
    cant wait till nex yr. what else do we have to look forward to for the summer?

    September 6, 2011

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