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The Brooklyn Circus is a growing brand, that should be on your radar.  I’ve always informally addressed the store and their fabulous staff on this blog but after my last visit I was inspired to give you a bit more of a formal introduction to the brand. With humble beginnings as a fun, trendy, streetwear line the brand has emerged into a more defined all around clothing company with pieces that remind you of a more refined era of style.  The Brooklyn Circus is bringing forth through their clothing a time where presentation mattered–a tailored look, with unexpected patterns and colors.  They have classic themes with that Brooklyn twist.  For such a long time the store only catered to men’s needs but they are slowly letting women into what seemed to be a boys only club, with their line of tees that are now available for women.  I picked up the “Fresh to Death” tee, and I love it.

If you haven’t experience the Brooklyn Circus yet, check out their upcoming event, The Monster’s Ball.  All information is listed below.

Click read more to find out the details about the Monster’s Ball.

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The BKc, Your Invited: RSVP@THEBKCIRCUS.COM Since we are only 8 days away from what can go down in history as the “most beautiful Halloween event” of the year, it is time to receive and manage the RSVP list. We received all your inquiries and wanted to be fair about everyone’s interest in the event. Now with a mix of BKc+Halloween+Costumes or All Black, we are sure to create some serious photo opps that night. Please send your RSVP information, complete with name, 1 main contact number and your guest(s) full names to RSVP@THEBKCIRCUS.COM

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