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Cure Beauty Bar
921 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11238
(718) 622-710

I got minxed in Brooklyn. If you have been living under a rock and don’t know what minxed means, minx is the latest nail trend to hit salons by storm. It’s really taken off especially after being donned by celebrities including Beyonce (Single Ladies video). The metallic nail sheets come in all types of colors and crazy designs. You can even get someone’s photo. Solange was seen around election day with Mr. Obama’s face stamped onto her nails.
After I got minxed I fell in love. Right after getting my nails done I literally could just walk out the salon, I did not have to wait for them to dry. The only thing about minxed nails is that you need to be careful not to break the seal because then they start to peel or lift up. The first 24 hours of getting them, you need to avoid direct water or any contact with any lotions or oils. After that you should be okay but do not scratch. That is one big no no with minxed nails, you cannot scratch with them because it immediately breaks the seal. Essentially, you need to treat your nails not like nails, treat them like decoration.
My nails lasted for about 9 days, but that’s because I made all the mistakes I warned about above. It may be able to last longer if you are able to follow the practices above. Minx nails are a bit more expensive than the average manicure, but well worth it. You won’t be able to stop looking at your nails, and neither will anyone else. I got stopped in the street and had tons of strangers asking me about it.
Only a limited number of salons have trained nail technicians who know how to minx. I had mine done at Cure Beauty Bar in Brooklyn.
Check them out here:


  • rosalinda

    they look hott!!!! but how much did they go for?

    April 3, 2010


    April 29, 2011

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