Steve Stoute Talks Passion, Being Heard & “Tanning”


I only got the chance to attend one panel during influencer con NYC and I’m glad I did. Even though the organizers did have a live stream online, being IN the room while these talks are happening is another level experience.

The room I was in was one with Steve Stoute and Philip L. McKenzie, the founder of the influencer conference, in a conversation titled “The Tanning of America.” Though Stoute obviously was there to push his book, some gems were dropped including the importance of making sure you are heard, following through, and following your gut.

His book, The Tanning of America addresses a cultural shift/blending of cultures and is intertwined with anecdotes from his personal experiences. “Tanning is the transformation from the last gen to this he where no longer do they see color as a way to look at each other and identify with each other,” explained Stoute. “They identify each other through shared values, and I believe that the mental complexion that has taken place has caused that to happen. I call that shift tanning.”

Besides this breakdown in the definition of what tanning means, probably the best piece of advice given included his passionate speech on the importance of being heard. “Being heard is your responsibility. It’s not someone else’s job to hear you. It’s your job to make sure you are heard.”

Take a look at the video above for some key takeaways from the hour long session.

Another session from the New York Panels that I planned on going to, but could not make it to was the From Profession to Passion: The New Entrepreneur. So instead I had to settle for the live stream– you can view that HERE.

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