SPOTLIGHT: Raqiyah Mays

I warned some people that I will do impromptu interviews with people, any time, anywhere anyplace. No prep, no research, just off the top questions about anything… on the SPOT, hence the term- Spotlight.So, when you see me, don’t run the other way but there is a high possibility that I might whip out my camera and tape you for a couple of minutes.

The first SPOTLIGHT is with Raqiyah Mays. I was at the KISS FM/Hot 97 offices one morning and as we were walking back to the recording booth I whipped out my cam and asked her to simply introduce herself and what she was looking forward to this year. I figured I would make the first Spotlight pretty basic, but the questions can get crazy as we go along (depending on who it is)

Well take a look at the first spotlight…on Raqiyah:

Spotlight: Raqiyah Mays from on Vimeo.

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