SPARTY in the City celebrating the Shades of Beauty


A company cleverly combined the words party and spa to give you SPARTY! which is in the city on 20th street. I was there for a promotional beauty event hosted by Pretty City and Syneron called “Shades of Beauty” to celebrate the many shades of beauty. They also offered a sample of laser hair removal! At first, I thought it might be cool to try and signed myself up. But then when I began filling out the form and saw all the possible side effects I did not think it was something I should risk, I do not know anyone who has ever gotten that so I do not know if it is even something that is highly reccommended, so I skipped out on that part. But when we came in there were goodie bags, overflowing with goodies! There ironically was a certificate for a free hair removal session (I’ll have to do some more research on that and maybe I will try it out), make up from the Cover Girl Queen collection, some facial products, and a bunch of other beauty products and certificates. They had music and snacks and a performance by singer Thara. (click name for more info and to hear the songs).

This is Thara and I after she performed. She performed two songs, “Stay” and “Push Up On Me,” featuring Rupee. The first song I didn’t recognize but the second song I did. So I has one of those momements where everything clicked, and I said to myself “ohhhhhhhh, that’s who she is.” I knew her song, but never knew who sang it. The perfomance was good, I do not know how they did all that dancing in those heels, and she had on wedges….

Me and Kina during the event, sitting down for a snack, and a chat…

Kina getting her make up done…

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    Naiquan says:
    2:59 AM
    I am glad that you went to an event like this, where you saw all those beautiful Black women. Did it motivate to want to do even bigger things than you’re doing now? You’ll get there one day Nesha (a.k.a. Young Oprah)!

    September 6, 2011

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