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The future is always something people ponder, the future of “fill in the blank” industry is always the center of debate. One common thread with all these industries is of course, the Internet. The Internet either depletes, or enhances “fill in the blank” industry. But, as a member of the generation who grew up online, any industry can benefit from the Internet with the right plan.
One poplar model emerging is the “Netflix” or “Itunes” model. In talks on the future of magazines there has been mention of the possibilty of a “Hulu for magazines” similar to Time Inc’s MagHound. MagHound developed by Time Inc allows users to subscribe to three to seven magazines at a time and vary specific titles from month to month.
Yet, another inovative plan to recharge an industry is It’s a service devoted to helping you get rid of the clothes you don’t want anymore, and, getting some new threads to replace them.

UrbanDaddy wrote quite a neat synopsis on how it operates:
“First, you log on and the site will ask you a few key questions (how full is your closet, how much did you spend on your last pair of jeans). It will estimate how much closet space you’re wasting (we apparently have 500 bucks worth of unused clothes in there), and get you started on unloading.

After you list what you’re unloading, tell them what you need—a new tie for work, a new suit for post-work cocktailing or maybe a new set of silk pajamas for your Playboy Mansion jaunt next week. Pay a token amount for envelopes (like Netflix, but bigger, green and really not that much like Netflix) and start sending in your gear. Before long, you’ll be getting new clothes in the mail.”

And thus, iTunes, ThreadUp, Hulu, NetFlix, and potentially MagHound, the Internet when approached with the right idea, can benefit any industry. Just wait and see!

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