Society: Charles Hamilton Dons Cover of The Fader


Charles Hamilton, and artist Little Boots are on the cover of Fader magazine’s NOW issue. This is Charles’ second solo cover for what looks like a productive year for the emerging artist.

The feature article is dope, for lack of a better word. You can check out the entire article HERE.

Here’s a snippet:

Hamilton is naturally talkative, but doesn’t prattle; everything he says builds to a point he’s trying to make. His raps, on the other hand, can be far less formulaic. Hamilton is the king of improvised thought-streams and jubilant non sequiturs, rambling about Sega Genesis (constantly), his frustration with relationships (frequently) and how good a rapper he is (occasionally). “I don’t know how to read music, but I know how to sound music. So like, if I’m on beat, but not flowing, then I’m definitely easing in and out of the beat. I call it time mathematics, to be able to know how many words you can fit at a certain speed before your time is up,” he says. He paints himself as a contemplative but wisecracking everyman, navigating his young life’s already tumultuous course. “It’s hard when you ain’t got nothing, you dig, but [Hamilton] didn’t choose to sell crack and hustle and grab the gun,” says Jim Jones. “He did it a different way and got the same point across.”

I also stopped by the issue release party. Check out the pics below:

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