Shades of Brooklyn


I love anything Brooklyn. Take anything- a tee shirt, a song, a perfume- and add a little bit of Brooklyn to it and I am with it! So when my friend Duane, told me about Shades of Brooklyn I had to put you all on to it too. It airs for the first time tomorrow, February 5th, at 9:30 pm on HBO Zone (and it’s onDemand).

The girl, featured in the trailer, walking on “the longest walk ever” stood out to me. The blocks in Brooklyn are long, and if you are dressed nice, or happen to be “blessed” in certain parts of your body, that ten minute walk to the train station can seem much longer. With every step feel like you are on display for the mass amount of boys who stand around outside. They stare as if you do not feel them staring, and they say the most outrageous things. I remember when I first began to experience that, I was only 13 and I had on a school uniform...

Well, before I get all into my walk down memory lane, just make sure you tune in tonight to see part one of Shades of Brooklyn.

Here’s the synopsis:

Temporary Insanity: Boisterous teens bumrush a Brooklyn bound subway train and coerce their reluctant friend to dish his girl problems. Karma: Meanwhile on a Bed-Stuy stoop, an immature father is trying to refute the advice of an older friend after he explains how he blundered his way through a sex talk with his 6-year-old daughter. The Longest Walk: To impress a boy, 17-year-old Allison has gotten all dolled up for the first time and discovers that the world no longer sees her as a little girl, but as a grown woman. Welcome to Brooklyn!

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