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A jack of all trades…a comedian, actor, model, photographer Vlad is on the move and on the rise. Lately you won’t catch him at parties very often or on the scene since he would rather spend that time working or preparing to become entertainment’s future. In fact, that is what he and several of his acquaintances refer to him as. Vlad is Entertainment’s Future… so I sat down with him to find out what he’s doing in the present to lay the foundation for that future.

NESHA: how old are you?
VLAD: 24…18 in TV Land…

NESHA: What is your utimate goal in life?
VLAD: My Ultimate Goal in Life is to Have My Family Eating Good, & to be recognized as one of the best to do it like Pryor, Jamie Foxx, Dave Chapelle Denzel, Will Smith & Eddie Murphy…Oh yeah & to keep buying fly kicks..LOL

NESHA: lol. so in your opinion would you say recognition IS success? Or can you have success without the recognition ?
VLAD: Nope. Recognition is definitely not success…You can have success without recognition…

NESHA: so what’s your definition of success?
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VLAD: Some of the most successful/richest people in the world, most people can’t tell you what they look like. Success is doing what you love and it still being beneficial.

NESHA: Okay. That’s interesting I never heard it put that way before.
VLAD: Well people base success on the money you make. But that’s dumb because there are a lot of rich people who aren’t happy so I guess happiness is in that equation too…

NESHA: Yea, but not always true…but back on the topic at hand. This is the rising star section. So what do you think makes you a rising star?
VLAD: Hmmmmmm…I think I am a rising star because a lot more people are paying attention. They want to know what’s the next move…

NESHA: So what things have you done to reach that goal you spoke about earlier? Since people are paying attention whatever you are doing is obviously right.
VLAD: Well I’m grindin’ everyday.. Let me steal a rap lyric “I Take No Days Off, Take The Shift From My Friend I Clock Out When I Punch In”.. I’m doing shows, dropping comedic mixtapes, on the radio, blogging, internet shows, hosting…Doing whatever is necessary to get me to being comfortable.

So I guess what I am doing is right… Cause if people weren’t paying attention whether it be negative or positive then I’d be on the wrong route and very depressed.

NESHA: What motivates you?
VLAD: Brooklyn, My Family, My Friends, Hip-Hop Music, My Neighborhood & Haiti…

NESHA: Who has helped you on your journey?
VLAD: God, My Family (Heavy), My Friends, Shareif Ziyadat, VIBE Magazine, DJ Whoo Kid, Bug Out Crew, Anthony Mackie, YouTube, iTunes & Nikon D100.

Oh yeah add Ray Tamarra & Soul Bro.

NESHA: Do you want to share a specific story of a time one of these people/companies gave u support?
VLAD: Just a random day my boy Shareif just called me to come help with this photoshoot. That day we were driving around everywhere seeing the people behind celebs. Not only did he get me work but he introduced me to EVERY single person we came across and he made sure they know I was an actor & comedian and that I was in his opinion “Next” that was the day I met DJ Who Kid who’s been playing Big brother in my journey aswell.

NESHA: DOPE…so you’re a comedian, actor, photographer and model … what comes first or did I get the order just about right?

VLAD: Hmmmm….Good one…

NESHA: I got it right ?
VLAD: Almost right…Model comes before photography.

NESHA: Okay so if someone wanted to see some of your work where would they be likely to find it? Like i know a few months ago I consistently saw you in VIBE for the book cover you did.
VLAD: Well I am on a show now called Dirty Laundry I play Dante the pilot is online, I do comedy at HQ Lounge on some Thursdays in Brooklyn, Laugh Lounge on Wednesday in the Lower East Side.

I haven’t really did any modeling cause I been focused on the comedy and dramatic acting but I have been in many issues of VIBE Magazine & even on the cover of their Street Lit Book “Snow”… I also modeled on BET for Bobby Jones, and POW Magazine.

NESHA: Okay dope. And you also did a youtube comedy series where you became “Hatian V” that was really popular online right?
VLAD: Yup it’s a very popular character.

NESHA: It’s hilarious! what inspired that series?
VLAD: Well it was created for this project with this G.O.O.D Music exec a couple of years back…But I brought him back because a lot of people were asking about it and I wanted another outlet to showcase comedy besides the stage.

So it’s inspired by My Uncle and a close family friend.

NESHA: Cool. What projects do you have coming up? I saw some pics on your blog from a couple things.
VLAD: Yeah I have a DVD I’m working on right now, another comedic mixtape, the show I have started the pilot for, I’ll be on Sirius Satellite with Whoo Kid on Shade 45, doing a fundraiser for Haiti for Hurricane releif, comedic porno, a internet sketch show with a few other comedian called The Bug Out, a few indie films & in talks with a major network but that’s hush hush.

NESHA: Darn! Well, congrats on everything!! Is there anything else you want to add or any shout outs you want to give?
VLAD: Shout out to Brooklyn, TodeStule, My Family My Friends, Metro Cards, Grady High School Class of 02, Gum, Red Bull, Monster Energy Drink, Aleve, Haiti & You Lil’ Mama.

Check out Vlad’s blog at: www.entertainmentsfuture.blogspot.com


  • Anonymous

    another dope interview.

    November 2, 2008
  • Anonymous

    He is definitely on his GRIZZZINDDD


    November 6, 2008
  • Anonymous

    i always love your picks for interviews. vlad if you see this keep it up hOmIe!!!

    November 10, 2008
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