Rising Star Remo Green


You may recognize this multi-talented Rising Star from when he was just a kid in Paid In Full. Since then he has expanded into the music scene both behind the scenes producing beats for top artists and behind the mic recording his own music as a singer. Read more to find out what this Rising Star is all about…

NESHA: How old are you?

NESHA: What is your ultimate goal in life?
REMO: To be the best entertainer that I can be.

NESHA: What things have you done to accomplish that so far?
REMO: I played in a movie called Paid in Full. I have worked with music producers, Ryan Leslie, Rodney Jerkin’s, Chris Brown, Omarion, Bow Wow, Trey Songz and many more. I’m doing another movie real soon called “Just To Get By.”

NESHA: What makes you a rising star?

NESHA: What motivates you to strive toward your goals?
REMO: God. Also, my parents motivate me and my mentor Timbaland the producer.

NESHA: Okay what about yourself and your life specifically motivates you besides the people in it?
REMO: I have to say myself guess. I mean. It’s the people really.

NESHA: So you wouldn’t say you had a drive within yourself to be successful?
REMO: Yeah. But in the industry sometimes you have people cause a lot of things in the industry could bring you down so that’s why its good for you to have the back up people who are willing enough to help you out. You know?

NESHA: Def…so now what makes you a rising star? What qualities do you have or what things do you have going for you that makes you different than the average boy from Harlem?
REMO: Well, I’m different because of my style and the way I talk to females and the way I am in general over all. I’m just different. First, I keep God in my life, I go to church twice a week. And my parents taught me those values and morals that are helping me to stay humble.

I’m a triple threat. I can sing, write, act, produce, and do vocal arrangement. And I am also a model. Look at Ne-Yo and Chris Brown they sing and dance and act, but can they get hired to do a full session by people like Pharrell, Glen Mosley, Ryan Leslie, Troy Taylor, NO. But I was hired on occasions to run sessions by these notable people in the industry to do sessions wit their artist at Quad and Sony studios. That’s what makes me different

NESHA: What projects do u have coming up?
REMO: My project. Omarion and Bow Wow’s Sqaure Off Project.

NESHA: What are you doing with them?
REMO: Working songs and writing for them.

NESHA: Dope…so do you have any last words or shout outs you want to give?
REMO: Yeah shout out to my team Square Off/Square Off Gang. Shout to my Lean and The Domestic team and shout to my mentor Howard Britt and big shout to my family. And you…

For more info on Remo check him out:

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