Rising Star: P DiZzZy


A young and up coming artist…read on to find out what he is about…

NESHA:How old are you?
P DIZzZy: 18

NESHA: What is your ultimate goal in life?
P DIZzZy: My number one goal is to become wealthy or rich. (laughs) So I am able to take care of myself and my fam.

NESHA: How do u plan on reaching that goal?
P DIZzZy: I’m working on my music. I’m trying to make it to the top to be one of the biggest recording artist. I also model and act. I’ve been getting a lot of castings for photoshoots, video shoots, t.v commercials, movies and stuff which pay anywhere from 200 to 2000 or maybe higher. I’m working on getting my 1st endorsement deal hopefully with Krew clothing who I modeled 4. I’m helping a close friend of mine/partner also with a clothing line that will come out soon. I’m just trying to do a lot ya dig. With all my dreams and ideas and moves it should lead to me “being RICH.”

NESHA: thats dope! (*tear*…so proud)…..well what would u say makes you a rising star?
P DIZzZy: Me being a young black male from the hood making big positive moves to get to the top.

NESHA: Okay…you being from the hood me and you both know the other path that you could have taken….so WHAT MOTIVATED YOU to divert from the path and trail blaze your way to a different kind of life?
P DIZzZy: I just was always focused on what I wanted to do, I was always a leader and never a follower. I was schooled by the older folks also because I don’t hang out with anyone my age like that unless I am in school. But they kept me on the positive path and my dreams also kept me focused on chasing them. It’s all about being smart. A dummy would follow the other path, I learned if you want something you gotta get up and work and grind for it.

NESHA: Who has helped you on your journey?
P DIZzZy: I had a lot of people on my side with whatever I was doing. My cousin Richie and Gee schooled me as a kid to stay on the right track. And also my friends like Teyana Taylor, Tells, Great Scott, The Pack, TK, Chad Wilson, and my other homies made me want to grind hard and give me enough courage to do what I have to do.

NESHA: What projects do you have coming up u mentioned the Krew look book…is there anything else?
P DIZzZy: Krew clothing, Nike commercial, Fly society “Fresh” Video on 106 and park, umm my mixtape and some new songs coming soon, clothing line called JADED coming soon, and some future endorsement deals pending.

NESHA: Dope…you are definitely on your way…so any last words…any slogans/shout outs u wanna give?
P DIZzZy: Um shouts out 2 Rhonesha haha 4 CD’s back in the day lol. Shouts out to my parents, the MAN upstairs, Tells, Daver, Teyana Taylor and Team N.E.R.D., Terry Kennedy, Chad Wilson, Fly Society, Corporate Mafia, A-Listers, Denim, Curtains, Donald, Ice Cream Skate Team, The Pack, Swizz Beatz, CJ Chat, BBC Crew, Extra Xtra, Great Scott, LOIC, Phillup, Vashtie, Rob Siham and Suga Rush, Natasha, Nino, NYC Fam, L.A. Fam, Miami fam, Myspace fam and everyone doing stuff positive. And everyone else I ain’t mention.
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