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So…what have I been up to? Life…graduating, getting my permit (so late but finally!), and just starting a new internship. I finished the old one being dubbed “the Super Star intern” because I knew practically everybody. So now I am starting over at a new place, we’ll see how it goes. I am counting down to August, big things are happening in August. I am having a going away party, but not sure how big I want it to be. I guess since it’s July I should start planning now…but looking at the first weekend in August.

I just got back from a retreat with my POSSE. Posse is the scholarship program I am in, it feels so weird to call it a program because it is more like a family. But it is a full tuition leadership scholarship for all four years of school. High school seniors can get nominated and they are in NY, Boston, LA, D.C., Chicago and now Atlanta. Click on the name for more info. The retreat was great, intense, learned new things, and had a really good time.

Well…it’s just the beginning of the week, I have a feeling it will be yet another jam packed week.

I also appreciate the love from people that have been recognizing me out in the street. Make sure you say hi, but don’t creep me out or put me on blast. That would not be cool.

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