NYC Pillow Fight Day


I would not have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself. My first Saturday back in NY I had to check out the National Pillow Fight Day in Union Square. This is the third annual Pillow Fight to happen in NY. There were about 1,000 people maybe more. They had pillows with the “exterminator” written on them, ski masks and a lot of crazy costumes. I wasn’t participating, but I heard about it from enough people. There were feathers every where and it got on everyone. The feathers spread for blocks and blocks, and it kept getting in my hair. So yea, it was crazy as you can see from the video which I found on YouTube. Some people were upset, I overheard someone comment “There’s a war going on and these people are out here playing with pillows.”

After that was over I met up with Kortney to have lunch. Haven’t seen her in forever! We are going to have fun this summer girl. Oh, and you know I am SO random and I am not afraid to walk up to people. I saw these guys after the pillow fight doing these cool balancing tricks with their bodies. I went over and talked to them and asked to take a pic of some of their poses. Of course when I was trying to take the pic they kept messing up, but I got a couple of shots.

For more vids of the pillow fight and pics check out the facebook: HERE

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