Never Sit In Front Of Kanye


Never sit in front of the Kanye West Ad on the train. People will stare at you and take random photos and unless you want to be the next subway celeb its not a good idea to sit in front of this advertisement or the top of your head will be in a lot of pictures. I learned this first hand the other day. My friend Rickina and I were sitting on the train talking and laughing and all of a sudden this flash comes out of nowhere and I am wondering who would be taking random photos on the train. I know I have a little buzz going but I doubt if there is a paparazzi following me. Turns out the lady across from us was trying to take a photo of the Kanye ad. Wow…

Another train tip– Don’t sit in front of the train map! People will hover over you and breathe on you. I hate it and I avoid it at all costs.

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