NABJ High School Journalism Workshop


Today was my first day attending the Association of Black Jornalists workshop. When I applied to it I didn’t think that it was going to be such an important program. However, after today I realized that this program can have a significant impact upon my future and guide me on whichever career path I may choose. We were introduced to working journalists and received a background in some journalism basics. We were introduced to a free lance reporter. One of the most exciting things to me though was meeting the editor of the Source magazine. I realized today that this program can introduce me to a lot of important people that will be important to networking in the future.
I am not sure if I want to go into journalism but I am deeply exploring the possibility and it seems interesting to me so far. It is as if I have to do it to fulfill a curiousity that I have. I am interested in so many things right now and I always try and get the most information about everything.
We had to compe up with story ideas today but I had NO IDEA what I wanted to do. I came up with a huge idea of doing a feature story on Kanye West. That would be amazing to do because I have admired him as an srtist for a long time. Anyone who knows me definitely knows that. I will have to see how far I cna get with it though, if I canonly interview fans or peers then I do not think I will do this story. I want to interview Kanye himself or anyone in his camp closely associated with him.
I met a girl named Erin that goes to school with some friends that I know. She came up with the idea to do a story on Degrassi. It was surprising to even find out that she watched that show because not a lot of people do. Actually not a lot of people even know about it, but that show is CRAZY. I think it gives a somewhat accurate portrayal of teenagers and what we go through. But the weird thing is that the show is filmed in Canada. Who would have thought?

Well we are about to leave. It is about that time…4:00 so I will write more next time. So everyone stay fresh, and keep your mind right.

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