Creepy… but some may find it therapeautic to post things on the pages of those that have passed. Personally, if somoene I loved passed I wouldn’t want all of their business in this site. If you care to check it out the site is

FYI–if I should pass (knock on wood…) please do NOT put me on that site….

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    NBC Guy says:
    2:48 PM
    Yea, its something. Its an errie feeling when I check out these *kids* (since they are all fairly young) myspace pages its really scary in a sense. But to leave their pages up there in a sense is a new technological way represented by our technologically advancing generation or leaving rememberance to the deceased as they pass on. Its sad to hear these stories. The most interesting thing that I noticed from the site is that a large Majority of the youth have been killed by Veichle related accidents which also states how dangerous driving can be…..

    September 6, 2011

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