My Tears Dry Own Their Own


Yet another Amy video. I had this song up on my myspace for a while now, a lot of you guys commented and said you liked it, some even “stole” it. Well here is the video. It’s shocking how thin she looks, seriously….But nevertheless I still love the song. All good artists go through their “issues”…don’t they???

A song from her all of y’all may be more familiar with…

and the Rehab video….

I never saw those videos, figgured a lot of other people haven’t either.

Here is a song from her first album I love. So relevant to today’s party scene…(and notice the drastic difference in her).
Some of the lyrics include:
“You can’t sit down right…cuz your jeans are too tight, and you’re lucky it’s Ladies Night…with your big empty purse…every week it gets worse, at least your breasts cost more than hers.”

She sure does a lot of videos…

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