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A lot of people don’t seem to be too sure about what I do or how I do it. Also, this summer is going to be my last summer in NYC so I am going to be doing A LOOOOOOOOOOOT before I go.
So on Saturday… I went to interview “Lil Mama” on the set of her first video with jive records.

Lil Mama is a 17 year old singer, rapper and dancer. The single is called “Lip gloss” and they filmed it saturday feb 17th at Gersh junior high in east ny, since she is from the east ny area. A lot of her friends were there and in the video also which was cool. She is doing a dance scene in the video and a little bit of acting in the beginning with her mom. Both of her parents were on set. The video was directed by Malcom Jones. The dancers were all people she knew and was friends with.The group c-pack came through to show support to their new labelmate (they have that song “I got my vans on but they look like sneakers”) and also, up and coming r&b singer Unique had a guest spot in the video. Unique has his own reality show on his myspace page that airs a new episode every week about the different things he does ( touring, performing, recording etc.) to blow up. (

I left around 7:30 after being there from 11 am. Call time for the video was 7 am though and people were there allllllllllll day.
Issues of hip hop weekly were given out because lil mama was featured in the “next to blow” section and also a DVD of her was given out. I havent watched it yet though.

I don’t have any pics yet because my digital cam is broken. I may upload some later in the week though once I get them from her team.

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