Movie Review- A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street

A re-imagining of the horror icon Freddy Krueger, a serial-killer who wields a glove with four blades embedded in the fingers and kills people in their dreams, resulting in their real death in reality.

What Worked: Barely anything. When it comes down to it, the best things about this movie were the murders.  Very few parts of the movie were scary.  The other parts were ruined by the predictability of it.

What Didn’t Work: For one, the structure. The second time you really see Krueger it just feels wrong. Like you weren’t supposed to see him yet. Maybe if the origin story was in the beginning of the film rather than the middle, it wouldn’t have been so jarring. The first time you see Freddy, he’s just there making it feel almost like a sequel rather than a remake.

The acting. Let me just say this, all of the actors, except for one do a fine job. And that’s one of the main characters. The lead, Nancy (Rooney Mara), has what I like to call, Hayden Christensen Syndrome. Where the actor or actress come off as bad solely because of their voice. But to be fair, she goes from bad, soulless and boring to just okay. The real standouts are Jackie Earl Haley (Freddy) and Kyle Gallner (Quentin).

Okay, I know Kruger is an alleged pedophile in these movies, but the dialogue really sucks sometimes. But other times it’s really cool and creepy. And by the end, he just came off as a giant perv and not a scary killer. So if this gets a sequel I really hope it goes to a better writer.

Now, about the ending. God, that was a stupid ending. And I’m not even talking about the ending as a whole, I was fine with that. I’m talking about the last 10 seconds. Not only did it not make any sense, but it was so obvious I could have just gotten up and left.

I’m gonna end this by quoting another critic, Robert C. Cargill: “The people who love this, really love it. The people who hate this, really hate this.” I fall some where in the middle. This was not a bad film. But there were too many flaws for this to ever be considered good. If you hate jump-scares, do not see this movie. If you don’t mind them, I say go ahead and judge for yourself. But there’s nothing here for me to ever want to watch it again.

Score: 5.7/10

Review written by: Michael Brawley.  View more of Mike’s thoughts on film on his blog.

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