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MTV wants to know…have you been haunted?

  1. Have you ever felt that you were being pursued by an “evil spirit” of someone you have wronged?

    Have you ever felt someone was trying to haunt you or warn you from the afterlife?

    If so, MTV wants to hear from you.

    If you appear 16 years of age or older, email us at and tell us your story. Please include your phone number and any available photographs.

Special Project is looking for graphic design and “environmental studies” college students!

We are looking for a COLLEGE STUDENT who is interested in working on a special project/show involving graphic designing and environmental studies….. The student who is selected will be involved in a special project with MTV. This student MUST be in the NYC area. If you are interested. send an e-mail ASAP to and please include the following:

-Phone number
-Where do you live?
-What college to do go to?
-What is your major?
-Why should we choose you for this project?

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