Mid-West Word of the Week: Nappy


Y’all know I am from NYC but currently go to school out in the mid-west. And I know a lot of you who read are from all over. But the difference in languages in different places just baffles me. It’s like another language that exists in different parts of the country. Well, to provide a good chuckle and also enhance and expand your minds to new vocab I will be starting up this “mid-west” word of the week. Here’s the first one:

Nappy: (adj.) old, dusty, bummy, not fly.
example: “He think he is fly but he stay wearing that NAPPY ass hoody.”

Ha ha, more to come…every week. There are SO many. What are some other weird words you heard when coming to a new place?

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    Anonymous says:
    2:45 AM
    omg! that word is tooooo hilarious! im gonna adopt that word…ppl wont know what hit em… but i cant think of any other words ive heard…imma think on this.

    September 6, 2011

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