Mickey Factz: The Voice of GFC


Fresh is the only way to describe 22-year-old rapper Mickey Factz. An artist with a fresh sound, a fresh approach and a fresh style.


He’s not a household name yet but working with the likes of Kanye West, Fall Out Boy, and Lil’ Wayne he’s not far from it.Turning down 3 major deals that any other rapper would jump at this artist and self-proclaimed “ruler of the universe” is definitely not another fly by night act. Being sure to choose carefully the best time and company to represent him on a major level but in the mean time he is steadily releasing hits, gaining support from fans with his mixtapes and developing his craft.

“I don’t want to jump into something and then it just blows up in my face. I’m not trying to be M.I.M.S. I’m not trying to be a one hit wonder I’m not trying to be an ‘Ay Bay Bay.’ Those are hot songs but those are just jingles and you will never hear from those guys ever again. I’m an artist so it’s different.”

Mickey Factz has a swagger and a way with words drawing upon things in everyday life. He creates a lot of concept songs that educate as well as entertain.

With topics ranging from police brutality, abortions, style and girls his concept songs put the issues right in your face with witty phrasings and words that make you think.

“I try to get straight to the point. I want to make people get it as soon as they hear it. As soon as you hear the first two or three lines you know what I’m talking about I don’t take you around the mulberry bush.”

An artist that truly understands and appreciates the history of rap as seen in his selection of classic beats for his latest mixtape “Flashback Vol. 1.: Back To The Future” He plans to not only take you back to the past but be the bridge to the future dabbing into other genre’s such as pop, rock electiric, and jazz all with his own swagger. His next mixtape ‘Heaven’s Fallout’ to be released September 11th will feature all these genres and consists of all conceptual songs.

“I want to become the evolution of hip hop. Hip hop is always evolving so I want to be the fore front person. I don’t just want say ‘bringing back New York’ because I’m not bringing back New York I’m making hip hop an evolution taking it to the next level it needs to be which is global music, global music is what’s next.”

But Mickey is not alone in doing this. He is “the voice of GFC,” known in the streets as Get Fresh Crew, as a business they’re Get Fresh Consulting and in the boardroom they’re Grand Fellows Consortium. They serve as a full support system for this artist consisting of producers, stylists and publicists to not only develop this artist but other artists and create a brand. They all work together as a business but they also happen to be all friends and all in their 20’s.
“I’m just living my life and doing what I do its natural this is easy for me,” said Mickey in response to his image.

With four mixtapes to date he constantly releases good music to his fans for free. His mixtape “Kings of the Bronx,” was featured on MTV2 and had his track “Spray and Paint” on Marc Ecko’s website. He plans on releasing two more mixtapes before the year is over and is working on the videos for his current one.
“I’m going to be doing a video for ‘Scar Faces’, I’m doing a video for ‘Friend or Foe’ and I might do a video for ‘Posers Story.’ We’re thinking about ‘Mona Lisa’ or ‘Around The Way Girl.’ Were looking to do about four videos tops. And then we are going to take off from there.” He has already shot the video for the remake of Nas’ ‘Where are They Now’ called ‘Wear are they Now,’ which talks about all the clothes from the past that used to be hot. The videos concept is based on the HP commercial.

With all of the buzz Mickey is acquiring through his highly anticipated mixtapes and with his innovative team GFC it’s no wonder this artist is in a bidding war between labels like Atlantic, Universal, and Def Jam.

“It’s just a matter of time before I get signed. I should be signed before the year is over. I think people really want to gravitate to something that different. People are just tired of what is being heard because I know I am.”


  • admin

    Anonymous says:
    9:56 AM
    Wow…..that’s so crazy he hasn’t been signed yet. I would buy his album.

    September 6, 2011
  • admin

    Anonymous says:
    10:18 AM
    this seems like a magazine article…great job. ill be lookin out 4 more from this dude

    September 6, 2011
  • admin

    Anonymous says:
    5:28 PM
    Not anonymous Dwight saids that he hopes this dude is going to be the next big daddy kane, Rakim, Jay-z, or Nas because he has alot to say about one hit artist who has big songs out I hope he can back it up. I will be looking out for this dude thanx to baby gurl R. Dot for the artilce

    September 6, 2011

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