Mickey Factz: Incredible


This piece is part of a series of “leaks” from artist Mickey Factz. He leaks a track every week and after a certain amount the songs are released on a mixtape compiled and arranged appropriately. He has done this previously with the mixtape The Leak vol. 1. This track “Incredible” is part of The Leak vol 2. I haven’t previously posted the leaks, in the past I just posted the end result but everyone could use some new music in their lives, so you’ll get a new Mickey track every week! I also have some more music from his team but I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, once I do I will post it for download.

Till then….



Here is a snippet of what Mickey had to say about the track:

"Name another rapper since Kane this extravagant"

One word describes the uniqueness I'm delivering to Hip Hop. One adjectiveconveys the hysteria I've created in 6 months. This one phrase explains how I'vegained fans of lyricists, tastemakers, teenagers, party-goers and all aroundhumans: Incredible. Ask anybody about me.

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