Mickey Factz: Heaven’s Fallout

It’s always a pleasure to Interview Mickey Factz and this is the 3rd mixtape! I’ll let him introduce himself, his signature introduction “I’m the ruler of the universe” “The Hip-Hop Savior.” You can download the mixtape by clicking the above photo, and to find out about the man behind the mixtape just continue reading.
Luv Lern Bank: What was the process of creating this album?

MickeyFactz: I was in a creative mood. I was totally inspired by different genre’s and other aspects of life. I just wanted to create something that nobody has done. Something that would be like a party to your ears. A red carpet event for regular people.

Luv Lern Bank : Was there a different method used for this album opposed to the last 2

MickeyFactz: The first album, In search of the N.E.R.D. was basically playing off of alot of pharrell’s hooks. I took the creativity lightly on that. Flashback Vol. 1 was the same way. But we just changed the beats. This was totally different. I had my own ideas, my own hooks, I had different flows, different topics. It was a great process. It only took me 3 months to do it too.

Luv Lern Bank: Ok did u have a goal for the downloads such as how many u definitely needed to get.

MickeyFactz: I don’t have a general goal. I just wanna see how big the fan base can get by giving away free music. As well as getting more people accessible to the music. I need to make a living but that all comes with sacrifice. So I’m just excited on giving it away for free. More people gravitate towards things that are free.

LuvLernBank: What was the theme for heavens fallout. What exactly did u have in mind while creating this project and what did u give ya fans on this album that u didnt give them on the last two.

MickeyFactz: The theme for Heavens Fallout was to create a new genre of Hip Hop and make that my sound. I had in mind to make people turn their ears to something refreshing instead of the constant boom bap that their accustomed to. What I gave fans was my growth. I talked about soooooo many different things as well as switching up the flow.

Luv Lern Bank: Umm elaborate on the genre of hip hop u talking bout and whats refreshing about ya sound?

MickeyFactz: Its global music. Music that is universal. It could be played in the hood, at a classy event, a rock event, a rave party… I want my music to be everywhere. I want it to touch everyone. My sound is going to be my sound and people will follow it.

Luv Lern Bank: What was the production like and who produced it

MickeyFactz: The production and ideas for this mixtape was a collective of everybody in GFC. Their were minimal features from Nakim, Precize and Whytebone.

Luv Lern Bank: Whats ya favorite track and why?

MickeyFactz: “Breathe” is my favorite track because its so real. its so relevant to life in itself. it has some of the strongest words I’ve ever written, along with Jacobs Ladder.

LuvLernBank: Why was there such a delay with the album? It was set to come out the same day as the Kanye West and 50cents album and then on Halloween

MickeyFactz: We wanted it to sound great. it didnt sound good enough for my fans. So i had to tweak it and add extra songs.

LuvLernBank: What do you feel was the sickest line you said on the album, matter of fact Im going to let you pick two cause I’m sure you have a lot.

MickeyFactz: I’d have to say on “Vietnam” when I said “everybodys a rapper I feel like waldo with a rugby on and on “Smack My Bitch Up” when I said “Your pissed cause Im a 10 and urinate.”

LuvLernBank: LOL that was ill I like that line! Okay now that the big Heavens Fallout album is out what is next for you and the GFC crew?

MickeyFactz: I have a show this Thursday 11/15/2007 at “Crash” mansion, $5 entry if you say my name “MickeyFactz”. The Laced Magazine is coming out in December we have a collabo coming with the supra sneakers, parties and other great things. I also have my EP which is dropping next year as well as some other surprises.

LuvLernBank: Last question when the last album dropped “Flashback Vol. 1″ you said that there was a clue embedded in the album cover that would reveal the theme/title of the next album what was it?

MickeyFactz: HaHa The secrect was a fallen angle, kneeling between two pillars of stones. Hot right?

LuvLernBank: YEAH!! Rhonesha and I were curious the whole time what the secret was and could not find the clue well we finally know!!! How Cute

Ok people there you have it the latest interview with Mickey Factz with his new album HEAVENS FALLOUT go download it at http://www.gfcny.com/


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