Meet 2XL….backstage at the Pretty Ricky concert


Pretty Ricky performed Saturday night at the Roseland Ballroom. I had sooooo much fun. The show was really good. All the performers had a lot of energy and the crowd was really really REALLY into it.There were a lot of opening performances from a lot of groups I never heard of. But the group 2XL performed and the crowd really liked them. I didn’t realize until I saw them backstage that they were in the last issue of The Ave magazine, in the Prospect Park section. They are a rap group from Cali on Tommy Boy records.

Me and Assata went backstage and spoke to them. Their album dropped in February and the video to their single Magic City featuring UNK just went into rotation at MTV. They are 17 and they are twins, faternal twins but they look a LOT alike. Their story is sad, their mom has cancer, she has three tumors in her brain and she is paralyzed. They dont have much family and their dad was never involved in their lives. Their dad saw them in a magazine one day and reached out to them but they do not want to deal with him now. In 1996 they said that their mom only had 5 months to live but she is still alive. One of the boys has a tattoo on his arm to signify that. The CEO Tommy himself was also in the room and I got to meet him too. 2XL said may go on tour this summer with Omarion.Check out 2XL on

The only thing I was a little taken back by is how raunchy Pretty Ricky’s performance is and how YOUNG the girls are! The uncensored version to hotline says “im up having phone sex with you….im so horny im so horny…..” and there were little ten and 12 and 13 year old girls singing that…

But other than that, the show was good, Pretty Ricky puts on a good show. Nothing bad happened.

Also, Lil Mama performed as one of the opening acts. I keep bumping into her everywhere…

Sorry I didn’t take any pictures, the first picture at the top of the post is of me and Assata when we were leaving….but since I was working I couldn’t really take pics…and plus my battery was dead. I took some pics of Lil Mama that didnt come out so good.

Here’s the 2XL video:

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