Lupe Fiasco Performance at My School


Lupe Fiasco performed at my school over the weekend. The show was dope. He had high energy, he was all over the stage, singing, dancing and jumping. We were in Indiana so he started shouting out midwest cities, but me and my friend were right in the front row so we screamed out NEW YORK!! MAD loud and he screwed up his face like- New York? As in, what the heck yall doin way out here!? But he still shouted us out. I liked the performance though I never thought he would be such a great performer. He is really personal and makes eye contact a LOT. I think he looked at me like at least 50 times, and really made eye contact while saying certain lines and stuff. He did that with other people in the crowd too, not just me, but it surprised me I never saw an artist do that before. And I realized I really like his song Superstar. Ohhhhh, and ironically he performed a song to the A Tribe Called Qwest beat! Ha ha….peep the videos below.




  • Anonymous

    What kinda shirt he got on?

    November 6, 2007
  • Tea

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LUPE!!!! I remember when “kick/Push” came out, people were all like;; he’s corny blah blah blah…but whats funny about that is;; Lupe is a lyrical artist. He isnt about girls shaking a** everywhere. His music always has a message or a story to tell!!!!!!!

    December 25, 2007

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