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London Life: Just A Peek from on Vimeo.

I’ve just begun to skim the surface of what London has to offer.  I’ve been in London for a few weeks now and I am just beginning to orientate myself.  From the moment I landed things were completely different.  My first encounter in the airport was just one of many learning experiences.  The woman at the counter rang me up and she asked me “For here, or Take Away?” and I said, “To Go” and she looked at me strange and said (again) “Take Away?” and I then realized that “to go” doesn’t exist here apparently.

London’s architecture and everything about it almost makes me feel as if I am in a different time period.  From the cars, to the buildings, to the language– things are drastically contrasted to the skyscrapers and the modern sleekness of NYC.

Read more for pictures and tid bits of what I have been up to so far….

Of course, I am at NBC even when I am abroad.  It’s my home away from home!

I’ve been meeting up with so many people!  I met up with Andre Singleton, who is from Brooklyn and just happened to also been in London.  He has an amazing spirit and just went over to Amsterdam and I’ll be visiting soon!

That’s me and Damaris, another fellow Brooklyn girl who was here in London for a few weeks!

I’ve been seeing a lot of plays.  So far, I’ve seen Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, Waiting for Godot, Rope and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Of all that I’ve seen thus far Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was the best!  I was invited by the producer who is an amazing power woman (will be interviewing her soon.  She also invited me backstage and I had a nice chat with James Earl Jones.

I also went to check out some local markets.

Also, had dinner at an amazing sushi place in Camden market.  It’s the first time I went to a sushi place where you actually sit down on the ground.  I loved the ambiance of the place (more so than the food).

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