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Thanks to all who voted! We won Best Teen Blog: Judges pick for the 2008 Black Weblog awards.

For the awards there are two winners in every category, kind of like the presidential election– the popular vote (votes from the people) and the judges vote (votes from the judges). We didn’t get the “popular vote” but we got the “judges vote”

I am especially honored to have won the judges vote. Below is the criteria that had to met and who the judges were:


Judging is determined by our panel of blog and Internet experts based on the following weighted ratio categories:

50% – Content
20% – Consistency
20% – Design
10% – Flavor

Content would of course be the actual blog material. This is especially important as it relates to certain topical categories. For example, would a site really be a “best music blog” if 90% of the posts have nothing to do with music?

Consistency measures how often the blog is updated. It doesn’t have to be every day, but it does have to look like they actually post on a regular frequency without huge lapses of time gone.

Design would measure, of course, design vs. content. Does the design complement the written word? If there are ads, how are they placed? Is it user friendly and clean, or is stuff posted all over the place?

Flavor refers to how engaging a blog is to its readers. Is there a catchy personality behind the blog? Does the blog author refer and reference its readers to build community?

Our judges are published authors, accomplished speakers, award-winning web and graphic designers, educators, and at the top of their respective fields of occupation, so they know of what they speak.

Coming up I have an interview with Divine Bradley (with video footage!) and much more. I am also transitioning my blog to my new site but I will keep you all posted.

Also– check out my radio show Mondays at 7 pm — listen live at (91.5 fm but not in NY so listen online).


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