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I updated the Life Links with a couple of new links that I think you all should check out. Since I am not a copy and paste blogger I strive hard to take on different angles and produce original content. So, the links on the sidebar might serve your needs for any information I might leave off of this blog. 
First up is FRSH Pulp Live. I mentioned their showcase in a previous blog. Now the creators of the showcase meant to provide a platform for new talent have pumped it up with a full out blog and weekly newsletter bringing information about not only new artist but also local events etc. From time to time I may post some of their events that get emailed to me but I also wanted to put you all on to the souce. Check them out:
They recently sent me some information about a casting call for Brooklyn Fashion Week(end).
Here’s that bit of info:
BK Fashion Week{end} Open Model Casting Call
Sunday, March 22nd
3pm – 7pm
Brooklyn Renaissance Boutique
1049 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NYC
Men criteria: 6′- 6’2″
Women criteria: 5’9″ + must wear heels at casting
Next up is which launched last week and seems to be doing extremely well. The founder behind the site, Elliott Wilson, seems to have one of those larger than life personalities. He’s the former editor in chief of XXL and is a respected name in the world of urban media. He and his team (shout out to Crystal!) have been working on this for some time now. Check them out at:
My other fave site- did a little video skit with Elliott in honor of the launch. It’s funny. Elliott is supposed to be their intern in the clip, smh.

Bring YN to Work Day from jeff on Vimeo.

I beleive they are also still looking for interns and you can check that out of course at
My homie Shane and a couple of his comrads have launched their very own blog entitled: The Love in Us. I am not exactly sure what the premises is since the about section simply says The Love in Us, that’s it. But they post some cool tidbits. 
Check them out:
Oh, and they posted this sort of funny, sort of not video to advertise the blog. from belevista on Vimeo.

And finally, is back! Assata finally started posting again and today is her site’s 2nd birthday. Check her out for the latest sales tips and random Assata musings. 

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