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Kelis in London from on Vimeo.

Anyone who is a real Kelis fan knows she was a huge success in London long before America got a taste of her milkshake. Gearing up for the London release of her album, which arrived in London almost two months before the U.S. release, she was slated for lots of press and shows around the city. The London album has already been in stores since May 15th, while the American due date is not until July.

But when she touched down at Coronet in London the energy and expectations were high. After a long night of performances by London based artists, Kelis finally arrived at around 3am. The night was not meant to be just about Kelis, but a series of performances mixed with DJ’s to create a party atmosphere with a few shows in between. But that’s not what it ended up being as fans fought to secure their positions at the front of the stage to ensure the optimum viewing experience when their favorite artist arrived on stage. For many that night, the artist they came to see was Kelis.
When she finally arrived, the crowd released so much energy you would not have thought they’d been standing for hours on end. Despite speculation and criticism about her lack of singing in her new records, Kelis brought out the vocals and even had a little dance routine going. Walking out onto the stage she took position as the lights dimmed and the “queens” in the audience held their breathes (to get ready to release a high pitch scream) she had a mix of calm and certainty. Once the music came on she came to life swinging around her horse like mane, and pouncing around in her princess like skirt with her warrior princess boots.
Beginning with Trick Me and closing out with her latest Acapella, after about 15 minutes she was through, and the audience energy shot down to negative 2. Many said she put on a good show, yet, did not perform long enough after they waited so long to see her.

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