John Legend on Schools in the Black Community


CNN’s Black in America special is set to air this week. The above is just a sample of the many issues that will be raised in this series. This time around they will take a look at community organizers and their impact. The special will also highlight some of tomorrow’s leaders and take a look at solutions aimed to develop these leaders. 
Some have criticized the series for not going deep enough, but we applaud the series and the network for even attempting to take on these difficult and complex issues that may be hard to digest for those who are outside of the black community. If you are black, you live this, and therefore you may not feel that every issue is covered in the right way. However, this special is not just for the black community it is for the general news audience of CNN and thus the issues tackled will be covered somewhat broadly but nonetheless it brings more awareness to certain problems that still fester. 
Be sure to check out CNN’s Black in America 2 airing July 22nd and July 23rd. 

For more information visit: their site.

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