Is CW trying to be MTV?


I have been away from my beloved New York City for two months. I am finally back and decided to settle in on this Wednesday night, and actually get some school work done while watching a little t.v. Following my weekly shows of America’s Next Top Model and Gossip Girl (which I am not sure I liked at first but I think is growing on me) came the CW11 News at Ten.

The promos leading up to the news seemed very fluffy, hyped up and soft. Stories that stood out including some type of “Super Bug” that two kids in Connecticut got infected with, a teen’s story about an Internet predator, nooses found hung in long island and a “Developing Story” on a black man who was beat by a group of white men. The weather report included Mr. G counting down to Halloween.

It seems to me that there has been an extreme switch in the type of news covered. The stories seem like the ‘news’ version of stories that would be on Oprah. But instead of hearing the testimony from the victims after the fact, we are hearing a report of such extreme and unfortunate circumstances as they are happening.

I agree with the news attempting to reach a younger demographic but there has got to be a better way to deliver content of quality to young people. Watching this news segment, I still have not learned what is going on in the world, and not even my own community. I have just been shocked by story after story to the point where all I can do is shake my head. Where is the world news? What about the war? What about the political scope of the country? How is the economy? What is going on with this crazy weather? What is going on in the world to the every day people? How can I find out the issues that are effecting everyday people and not hyped up stories that happen in rare cases that are packaged to get me to tune in and be shocked.

This is the news, not a movie, I should not be pulled into the news asking “gee? what will happen next!?” But, alas, what IS news? Maybe that is changing, or maybe it is different for everyone. As I close this blog, 33 minutes into the news the story that is on is ‘the top words searched on Google: Ever wonder who is Googling what?’

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    nice story this will probably be my 1st and last comment but i am leaving you a message, Nice splash on the news NOT covering politics, war, economy, ok ok i see you lol

    October 18, 2007

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