Today was a pretty slow day….it was I LOVE NY day at school. I actually laid on the ground in the auditorium because they had the idea to make an I LVOE NY quilt of people.
The paramedics came to my school and of course I hassled everyone to find out what happened and took photos of the ambulance outside of the school. I felt like one of those pushy reporters from TV.
I will upload all photos later today, I am at school right now and we all know all high schools students might as well be in jail the way we are locked down…

I am going through the Daily News right now and I have a bone to pick with their horoscope person. Their old horoscope person I think her name was Susan, she was on point. But witht this new person, all the horoscopes are vague and sound like inspirational quotes rather than actual horoscopes.
Here is one:
“It’s a great idea to listen to your inner self and set your personal goals. If you say positive affirmations daily, or even just twice a week, it will help you achieve what you want and how you’re going to go about doing it. It’s mind power, and onve you het the hang of affirming the postive rather than the negative, life will dramatically change for the better.”
What kind of horoscope is that?? Can you even tell what sign that one is for??

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