How To Make It In America


Is this real life? This show literally stole lines right from the mouths of some of my closest friends.  If you are part of the “grinders” or group of up and comers trying to escape a typical 9-5 life this show will seem all too familiar.

From the opening scene with the boy on the train selling candy “not for a basketball team” to the friend who always has some kind of quick hustle to make money to invest in the “company” this show is so close to how things are it makes you want to keep watching; almost like– well if they make it so can I.

One specific line in the first episode that stand out the most came from an Asian man that one of the main characters was trying to get an “investment” from.  He said “A lot of people have ideas but no one wants to do the work.  Don’t tell me what you are going to do, show me what you have DONE and I will write you a check.”  I almost stood up and clapped.  Check out episodes one and two when you “read more.”

How To Make It In America airs Sunday Nights on HBO. Check your local listings.

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